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In conceptualizing, our primary considerations included the basic core and extra-curricula needs of Nigerian students (especially at SSS level and maybe first year at the university, certainly up to the final year of the colleges of education for obvious reasons), the enhancement of their total educational experience, reasonable project cost and sustainability.

It is thus conceived as a technology driven solution that exposes the Nigerian students (virtually) to world class educational aids and mentoring resources that are available to the best of their peers worldwide.

The goal of the Project is to simulate for each pupil a Virtual Classroom equipped with an Electronic Library that is further enabled with Multimedia Counselling. At the heart of this model is an e-Library package that is focused on the Nigerian child in a local learning environment.

e-LIBRARY (Electronic Library)

For clarity, this is a Depository of learning materials / teaching aids that mostly supplement what the students do in their regular classes. It is a collection of e-books, tutorials/past question papers, videos and animations.

‘’Some schools already have a number of computers while some have none. Without content, what such schools have are mere INTERNET CAFES’’

Infrastructure Architecture: This is a wireless INTRANET (private network); A server – work station arrangement. It uses a rather simple V -O -D (video-on-demand technology).


This is on a dedicated computer (server) thus, for every material, only one copy is required for the entire learning community (school)


User (Students) access to the Depository will be via supplied Tablets (hand held computers), although other wifi enabled computers, smart phones etc can also be configured into the network. The case for the Tablet or Touch Screen device is that it readily allows use of fingers to do free hand writing or drawing.



The offline Library is designed for the Nigerian environment where internet is slow to non – existent so access to materials in the Depository is via WI-FI and NOT THE INTERNET. There will be no need to pay for data or airtime.

Once the User logs on to the Server, the user – interphase pops up on his device. This will be a web browser eg Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge that has been deliberately made user friendly and intuitive to students.


Key stages 3-5 (including preparatory material for post-Secondary education especially in science and technology) to enable proficiency levels up to : SAT 1 & 2, TOEFL, GMAT, WAEC, GCE O & A-levels, NECO, LASGEM, IGCSE, BACCALAUREATE

These Key Stages refer to various years of secondary school (UK) from ages 11 to 18, that equip children with knowledge and skills needed to tackle demands of certification/examinations Key Stage 5 describes the two years of education for students at sixth form (pre-Tertiary)

Note: The Offline E-Library project Plus   Project has deliberately been made to be highly scalable and flexible enough to enable it complement, accommodate the changing Nigerian National Curriculum for Secondary Schools.

LOCATION – Data Centre/Hub & ‘IT Park’

On site: A Server and the router will be located in the room designated as a ‘DATA CENTRE’ – a secure environment that is well ventilated, protected from weather/dust, rodents and unauthorised personnel. The Hub will be wired with its own ‘clean’ main electricity supply, which is supported by a SOLAR POWERED electricity Installation for 24/7 UPS. The System Administrator or support personnel will operate from this Hub or TEC HUB- People are talking about TECH- HUB or TEC- HUBS- The good news is that this e-library more than qualifies for schools where they are installed to qualify as TEC HUBS. All our installations share the HUB resources


In view of the fact that the idea behind THE ELECTRONIC OFFLINE LIBRARY PLUS is to inject a 21st century learning environment where students can read, work and explore the cool stuff that are currently in circulation, THE ELECTRONIC OFFLINE LIBRARY PLUS incorporates outdoor access (IT PARK) to make learning exciting! It may also be used for METRO COVERAGE where whole cities are covered

Today, students are growing up in a world in which they will never know anything but an immersion in technology. Equipping them with technology tools (laptops and tablets) in virtual classrooms will seamlessly lead them on to whatever technology comes next. They’re learning through Apps and through independent research while being given freedom to make connections between their different subjects.

A comprehensive ELECTRONIC OFFLINE LIBRARY PLUS Package will therefore have designated outdoor areas of relaxed study, equipped with charging points for hand-helds, benches and tables where students may do their private studies.

Note : Coverage of one outdoor access point (AP) is usually about 70 metre radius of the AP equipment. Multiple APs will expand coverage



Scheduled Video-On-Demand broadcasts over Wi-fi will cater to specific extra-curricula needs on career counselling, civic education, health & hygiene etc



  1. Users have access to world class materials.
  2. Only one copy of the learning material is needed by the whole of the school or learning community. No need to buy books. Depository is constantly updated. All materials are already pre- loaded on the server.
  3. Abundant Proprietary and Open licence learning materials are provided
  4. Materials are available in the Depository locally (on the Server) and are regularly updated.
  5. Use of eBooks significantly limits the need for students to buy books as hundreds of thousands are freely accessible on various subjects
  6. Tablets / smartphones transform into virtual classroom extension
  7. Project is easily scalable to entire school population
  8. User access is controlled via personalized ID/Password
  9. Server is ‘always on’, and access is via Wi-fi on an Intranet. Issues of ‘no or slow network’ are completely eliminated. In addition, there is the redundancy via a back-up Server with simplified activation
  10. There are no User Access Charges
  11. User interface is via web browsers compatible with all computer operating systems
  12. Use of VOD (Video – on – Demand technology) enables transmission of pre-recorded instructional material from world class Educators. Useful materials from other willing sources will also be regularly updated. Such lessons are always available for repeated viewing
  13. Multimedia simulation lessons complement science laboratory work
  14. Teachers also have opportunities to hone their use of IT skills to teach and even support existing pedagogy
  15. Students are able to learn / develop at their own pace.
  16. Project Cost can be spread over a long period depending on availability of funds it also covers system maintenance for first year and training of designated staff (renewable thereafter).
  17. To ensure sustainability, we will always have support / maintenance arrangements in place, there will always be regular updates. Our staff will always be there at all times The library (software) package: Supply, install and maintain the Offline Electronic library plus is presented in (modular)versions.

Depending on availability of resources, the package itself is presented in a number of variations-

1, Lite, 2, standard and 3, premium.  There are also the 4th and 5th ones for special – mobile environment– NOMAD while the REMEDIAL SCHOOL is for the more matured schools


Contains about 60 gigabytes of data, fairly comprehensive.

  1. OFFLINE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY – STANDARD: About 500 gigabytes or more
  2. OFFLINE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY – PREMIUM Same as standard version, but with integrated Education Administration software

This is essentially ‘SCHOOL-ON-THE WHEELS or mobile School; school plus library and temporary environments eg IDP or refugee camps. For this particular version, the server is powered via portable power source (previously charged batteries and inverter arrangements or from the teacher’s car. The tablets for accessing the server are also pre-charged and brought also supplied by the teacher. Typical setup time is less than twenty minutes. In essence, a classroom can be set up in about any place anywhere, depending on the need


This is essentially packaged to provide virtual learning environment for much more matured learners that need to study for their School Certificate examinations – School Certificate examination as external students This EDITION has been optimised for the use of those that need to write the WASC EXAMINATION as external candidates either because they need to re- take or missed out entirely on formal secondary school education.

Prices: This can be up to N1.5Million Naira for the premium edition. We are however willing to come up with good arrangements as our way to contribute to education improvement in the state.  For whatever variant is installed, we however need to charge for maintenance for obvious reasons. This will be on annual basis and depends on location.



Several prospective users already possess wi-fi enabled devices. We however, encourage computer tablets with screens with minimum viewing areas of 8 inches. Prospective users already have one device or the other.

The general estimate (popular statistics) is that 20 per cent of parents are able to afford reasonably useful tablets for their children’s / ward’s use. The next 60 per cent will be assisted to purchase through flexible payment methods via Cooperative Societies. The remaining 20 per cent will be through the benevolence of philanthropists.

Government, through its bodies may be persuaded to provide soft loans to cooperative societies specifically for funding such items. Other alternatives are through crowd funding, philanthropists, friends of schools (Old Students Associations, Parents’ Teachers Associations).

Further enquiries:

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