How is a free eBook funded?

Anybody that has a story to tell or ideas to impact. Grab your typwirter, computer, tablet, or smart phone and just ‘fire on’!
Like free- to-air-TV or most of the libraries, e-Books are funded through advertisements.

Why an eBook?

It’s easier to read. You now have a whole library of books fitted into a memory stick or flash drive. read more

You can read it online download to read later it wherever you are so long as you have the appropriate device.

This is also very effective especially for schools etc as eBooks are a lot cheaper than printed ones

Tell your story. Write a book a day! Educate yourself. Read a book a day!

How do I make money writing a free eBook?


Like free- to-air-TV or most free to read libraries, e-Books are funded through advertisements.

Advertisers pay to get their advertisements inserted in specific pages in the book. There may be links to certain websites or other online pages.

The money is then shared between the author and us, the ePublisher for our services.

The advertisement may be sourced either by us or the author. Secondary and tertiary instutions, employment agencies etc are forever looking forward to sources of promoting thier facilities. The free books are a ready source for this. Similarly, eBook reader eg. laptops, computer tablets and other vendors are also sources of advertisement. We work very hard to keep them in our books

Certain books also readily attract sponsorship from

  • Government / NGOs
  • Religious organisations
  • Autobiography – please note that we have inhouse writers that help put together autobiography and similar books
Who can write an eBook?

We are glad to publish books from every writer and on any topic without prejudice. Unless otherwise agreed, all content remain the responsiblity and are owned by author.

If there is any despute, we will do our best to suport our authors. We will however not be held responsible for any liablity arising from such desputes whether due to acts of commission or omission.

All books however need to conform to sensibility.

Plagiarism, sedition, inflamatory and such books will be absolutely and totally discouraged.

We of course appreciate that writers need to be remunerated for their efforts We are open to all sorts of negotiations.

For the production of free ebooks, primary surce of revenue are advertisement.

Share of revenue is thus between author and us. Source of advertisement may be us or the author. 60% for the source of the advertisement and 40% for the other side.



eBooks are also available to buy on line, but at a considerably cheaper price, thus very affordable.

  1. eBook is rather considerably cheaper to write and publish as there is little cost of printing or publication etc.
  2. The cost of distribution is negligible compared with a printed book.
  3. Readaship is worldwide. It is always available to download or read online so long as there is the availability of the internet.
Compare between free and paid editions of eBooks
Every page can be read by everybody No restriction Yes
Every page is downloadable No restriction Restricted
Every page is printable No restriction Restricted
Every page is editable – copyright laws violation? Restricted Restricted